About NGT

Next Generation Technology (NGT) provides RMS, Contents, Digitals, consulting, Apps & Web Site Development and IT services for delivering independent, practical, value-priced and services to our Clients. At NGT, our aim is to make a positive impact on our client's business through the use of business acumen and technical savvy.
We have an enviable reputation for we passionately believe that real change only comes about through a combination of the right ideas and effective implementation.
We are working directly with telecom operators to provide a new way to approach and offers and services to the customers by doing a special Segment for the Local markets with Two segments,
Business to Consumers ”B2C” Directly with the customers, and in each of this we have a different segments.
Business to Business “B2B” Directly with the Corporates, and in each of this we have a different segments.
We combine strong creative, analytical and practical skills with innovative tools and techniques. We quickly determine what customers and organizations needs to do in order to change, ensure that this is properly communicated, and then work with our clients to make it happen.

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